Custom Knives – In the beginning

I started making custom knives almost 15 years ago.

Back when I had a full time job. I started making knives as a hobby to relieve stress from my full time job. Soon my handmade knives were requiring more and more of my time. I transitioned to making knives full time and never looked back. Knife making requires full concentration not allow any stray thoughts enter the mind. It’s takes all your worries away in that aspect. I also found that handmade knife customers are “happy” with spending money, because they are buying something the enjoy, unlike my previous profession where people were unhappy about the money they were spending.

The range of possibilities with custom knives is endless. Creativity has no boundaries, there are as many different knives as there are people in this world and more to come I’m sure. I know I still have several that I haven’t got around to making yet. The materials that can be used in custom knives is as endless as the styles of knives themselves. I personally really enjoy a handmade knife that mixes man made and natural materials. Some enjoy all man made materials. I try with my custom knives to use an array of different materials to suit all types of tastes. From here I will take this blog forward in time from 15 years ago, bringing you up to date and then keep you current with all the happenings here in the knife shop and on the homestead.

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  1. steveknife says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! Thankful to Him for so much today!

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    1. jerrywsmithusa says:

      Thanks Steve, hope you all have a great day. We are thankful for what we have especially friends like you.

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