Custom Knife Milestones

One particular handmade knife stands out in my memory of those first few years.

It was right after I started making custom knives full time. A fellow called me and wanted to know if I could make a knife just like the one in the movie “Crocodile Dundee”. Not just a knife that was large, or similar, but a handmade knife mirroring the original. I asked for time to research the knife and it’s maker. What I found was that there were two original steel knives made and 14 aluminum props. I then bought all three of the movies and watch them over and over.

It was obvious that the knives were handmade custom knives and there was distinct differences in the two steel versions. With one having more detail on the guard and pommel. Both of the knives’ handles were wrapped in the first movie with jute twine and had a little burlap cover applied to them. By the second movie the same two knives had their handles re wrapped with black paracord that had blue accents. Apparently the jute and burlap hadn’t held up well during the first film.

The customer chose the version from the first movie. So I set out to make it as close as I could. The knife was made from D2 1/4″ thick, with brass guard and pommel. It was one of those custom knife jobs that you remember fondly as a maker. And jobs like that become “milestones” when looking back at all the handmade knife work I have done. I still remember the feeling of accomplishment I felt when the job was completed. There have been a lot of custom knives made in my knife shop since then, but there’s always a few that stand out like markers in memory.

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  1. steveknife says:

    Excellent post. Never thought about this from the makers perspective. As you do these I would like to Reblog on my site so people see it as well.

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    1. jerrywsmithusa says:

      Absolutely Steve reblog. Thanks.

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