Custom Knife Inspired by a Miracle

Flight 1549 (Miracle on the Hudson) was the real life event behind the creation of this handmade knife.

I was contacted back in 2010 about a year after the Flight 1549 rescue on the Hudson. The customer was a Homeland Security Director, who was involved in the rescue. He said that it made him realize that he needed a heavy duty edc knife. I suggested of course my Loveless style deployment knife. He placed his custom knife order and later sent us some photos of the rescue. We had one of the photos printed poster size and mailed it to him for his signature. In typical NY style he took it a step further by getting all of the Tug Boat Captains involved in the rescue to sign also. To this day the picture hangs on the wall inside the knifeshop.

custom knife friends

I completed his custom knife order and shipped the knife to him. In an unplanned twist, the knife arrived and was received on the very day that Sully’s now famous plane was being moved from NY to the museum in North Carolina.
The moral of this story would be “Every handmade knife has a story behind it, at least for the knife maker.”

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