Custom Knives and the Makers

Knives are tools made to cut apart and separate. They can also make things like friendships, bonds, and memories that last.

Ruffin Johnson El Lobo Solo
Ruffin Johnson and Parker Smith

We weren’t at the 2010 TKCA knife show for just a few minutes when my youngest son Parker had struck up a conversation with Ruffin Johnson. Ruffin at the time, was in his 40th (and sadly last) year of designing and hand crafting hunting and collectors’ addition knives. During his career he was known as “El Lobo Solo” and as the capstone to his outstanding career was awarded the Texas Legends Award in 2004. He and Parker hit it off like they had known each other always. Parker spent most of that entire weekend hanging out with Ruffin. And still has Ruffin’s knife and catalog that he was given.

We were blessed to attend Sunday Church Services at the same event, presided over by knife maker Gene Osborne (also in the last year of his life). Gene was very instrumental in helping new knife makers hone their skills during his career, producing many very informational “how to” videos.

Blade Sports International
Gayle Bradley and Jerod Smith

Blade Sports International also had an event the same weekend and my middle son Jerod got some one on one instruction from knife maker Gayle Bradley. Blade Sports is a very entertaining sport that doesn’t get enough publicity. In my opinion it is the original “real life” Forged in Fire.

You never can tell when or in what form memories will come. And you never know what the future holds for us or how long we have together. That next chapter is out there. Here we GO!

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