Knife Blade Length

A knife maker can make a blade in any length, but life is short.

Life is too short to be somewhere that you’re not happy, content, and feel safe. Once, I felt comfortable as a full time knife maker, I realized that I could make custom knives anywhere and wasn’t tied to a geographical location. The kids were coming to an end of their high school days. So my wife and I decided it would be a good time to move.

JW Smith and Sons Custom Knives just didn’t fit anymore. Our sons helped with the knives when they were in school, but now they have their own jobs and lives. Our daughter helped with the leather but the same goes for her now and I have all but stopped making leather goods. With a name like Smith, the old website was getting confused on Google with others having the same last name. The decision was made to let it go. It has taken a while to come up with a unique and fitting website name. But since we now live off grid on a homestead, my knives are now made using no commercial electricity, and we “unplugged” from the rat race. Knives Unplugged seemed to be the perfect name.

A lot of work has gone into this knife making homestead. There’s still lots of work ahead. My shop now sits on our land surrounded by 105,000 acres of National Forest and all the wildlife that comes with a National Forest. I make handmade knives, consult/install off grid solar/wind systems, raise hogs, garden, hunt, fish, and play with my new grandson. My wife Debbie makes handle materials, custom T Shirts, vinyl graphics, custom tumbler cups, does lots of crafts, raises chickens, and is an amazing cook and grandmother.

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