Handmade Knives on the Road

Five years of handmade knives and fun on the road.

Texas is a big state, so big in fact that my Family and I spent five years traveling to shows every weekend with my knives. We met lots of great people with amazing stories. Other custom knife makers, dealers, collectors, and users all with different interests. Some shows we made a little money, some we lost money, and the rest we broke even. But it was great family time and we had lots of fun.

I remember the “Celebrity Game” we used to play. We would pick people out of the crowds that looked like someone famous (living or dead) and try and convince others in the family that it was really that person. No Elvis wasn’t spotted at any gun and knife shows. But Conway Twitty was spotted at several. Ted Nugent, Dusty Hill (ZZ Top) and some others turned out to be the real people. And a Willie Nelson double that to this day I’m not convinced that it wasn’t the real Willie just messing with me.

The people at the gun/knife shows are very hard working people and you won’t find a better crowd to spend a weekend with. Our time spent brought about the next chapter in our lives, big changes were looming just around the corner.

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