Handmade Knives – Made Off Grid

Knives are my passion. All my custom knives are made in my shop in the Missouri Ozarks. Each knife is made by hand one at a time making it truly unique. 

handmade knife for sale

Welcome, to my Knife Shop online. I’ve been making custom handmade knives for 14 years. I have been living off grid in the woods for almost 5 years now.  I started making knives by hand while living in Texas.. My knife shop uses solar electricity. I do all my own heat treat using a generator to run the oven. I work mostly in D2 with a few pieces in cpm154 and rarely A2. All my knife blades are RC61/62.  I make all the parts including the springs with bare hands. No jigs, no CNCs, just good ‘ole hand work. 

My wonderful wife (Debbie) and I both have Etsy Shops to try and make our living. Debbie makes T Shirts and Knife Handle Materials. Her shop name is Full Auto T Shirts Feel free to “Favorite” our shops, “Share” our listings, and “Message” us with any questions. I hope you enjoy looking at our work. I would greatly enjoy making a knife or two or three for you to enjoy and pass down to future generations.

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