Knives Unplugged

Knives Unplugged is the name of our solar powered knife shop in the Ozarks. We offer hand made knives from Jerry W Smith USA

handmade knife for sale

“No Forge, No Fire”

My method of making knives doesn’t involve having a forge or any type of open flame. No messy oil or water quenching. No hard scale to deal with. A precise method of producing clean, beautiful knives without sacrificing strength or durability. Even if you prefer to forge, there is plenty of techniques and information in my videos that can be applied in your work. I am not trying to be controversial. Just informative, to show there are other ways to produce high quality knives and this is just one of the many methods out there. And the method that works well for me.

My wonderful wife (Debbie) and I have an Etsy Shop to try and make our living. Debbie makes Leather Goods. Our Shop name is KnivesUnplugged. Feel free to “Favorite” our shop, “Share” our listings, and “Message” us with any questions. I hope you enjoy looking at our work. I would greatly enjoy making a knife or two or three for you to enjoy and pass down to future generations.

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