Knives For Sale

We sold out our entire inventory by Dec 16 this year.

The knife shop operates May 1 to Oct 31. Our order books are open NOW and year round. Our 2020 inventory will be posted for sale here on this page. Thanks to everyone that supported us in 2019!

You only work 6 months per year? No, from Nov 1 to April 30 we work in the Leather Shop (Spring Creek Saddlery) Take a look at Spring Creek Saddlery.

No Forge – No Fire

All my knives are made using the stock removal method.

“It’s hard work (forging), and a poor way to change the shape of metal. Forging is a cheap way of getting in shape, but not the best way for knives” R.W. Loveless from the book “Living on the Edge” by Al Williams.